What Do I Do?

What do you do when you know there is something that you are supposed to be doing, but you are not sure of what it is? Some have said, “Whatever it is that you are good at doing is what you should be doing.” This may be true in some instances, but it is not the case in every situation. Have you ever taken into consideration that, sometimes, the very thing in which you have been called to do is actually hidden beneath the surface and will not be revealed until after you have gone through certain life experiences?

For example, take the life of Moses. Moses was raised in the palace of Pharoah, but was chosen by God to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. Moses offered various excuses as to why he felt incapable of completing the assignment from God (Ex. 4:1-17). But from God’s responses to Moses, we are able to glean a very important principle: God never calls us to do something for which He has not qualified us beforehand.

Although we may not be able to see it, our inability to see it does not negate the fact that it is there. As we continue to seek God for direction, He will begin to reveal things to us. We do not possess the capacity to receive everything all at once (1 Cor. 2:6-10). Make the first step…that is trust God to never place more upon you than He has already supplied the grace for you to be able to handle… and the rest will fall into place when the fullness of time comes.


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