To Share Or Not To Share…

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so much larger than life that you were afraid to share it with anyone else? Or just the opposite, you could not wait to share it with others? I think we have all experienced both scenarios at some point in time. If not, we are sure to join the ranks of others who have…

As we ponder over whom we should confide in, we remember the lessons that were taught in the story of Joseph in Genesis 37. In the familiar passage, Joseph has not only one, but two dreams in which he was shown to have the preeminence over the members of his family, to include his parents. Out of excitement, Joseph shared the dreams with his family, and as one would expect, their response was a natural one: no one wants to hear that they will be in a subservient position to someone else. So they not only dismissed Joseph’s dreams, but began to reject him as well.

This brings us to this week’s crucial point of life. The Bible teaches us that God shares His secrets with those who fear Him (Ps. 25:14). The word, secret, comes from the Hebrew word, Sod, which can be defined as “friendly conversation among friends,” and is derived from another Hebrew word, Yasad, which can be defined as “taking counsel together.” In other words, God is willing to share some of His plans with those who can be trusted with them, and this trust is based upon a close and intimate relationship with Him.

As in all relationships, when a person entrusts his secret with his friend, he is doing so with the either spoken or unspoken expectation that the secret will be safeguarded. If the secret were to “fall” into the hands of the wrong person, there could be irreparable damage as a result. Likewise, when God shares a glimpse of His plans for our lives, it is not with the intent of having us giving it away to everyone.

Just as in Joseph’s situation, we will learn that everyone, regardless of the proximity of the relationship, will not always rejoice with us. Some will actually take up arms against us in order to prevent the dream from coming to pass. This, however, is an effort in futility because what also must be known about the abovementioned Hebrew word, Yasad, is that it also gives the idea of fixing something firmly. This means that it cannot be moved or changed. In other words, those who plot against us in secret will be greatly disappointed because what God has decreed over us will certainly come to pass (Is. 55:11).

So, remember, when God chooses to share His secrets with us, we have a responsibility as His friend to safeguard it from those who would seek to destroy it before it is firmly established within the natural realm.