Anoint vs. Appoint, Pt. 2

By Candace A. Jones

Now let’s take a look at appoint. Once again, in the Old Testament, appoint, as it regards rights to the throne, comes from the Hebrew word, tsavah, which literally means, “to lay charge, to give charge, to commission.” Whenever God places someone in a position of leadership, He gives them His blessing and right to rule. It is not just a part of His permissive will, but also His perfect will. The Lord God did not give a charge to King Saul because He had appointed Himself as their true King; however, they did not want Him. Israel wanted a man they could see and follow, someone similar to the kings of their neighboring, godless nations.

To the natural eye, it seemed harmless and understandable to want a king of Saul’s stature. As described in 1 Samuel 9, Saul had come from a powerful family and had the appearance of someone great (tall and very handsome). Sometimes in our vanity, we, as people, tend to gravitate towards someone because of the outward appearance and never discerning the contents and intents of his, or her, heart. Lord, help us…

Bringing it back to the contemporary context…the desire of your heart that you believe is the will of God for you…Are you basing it upon what others have prophesied concerning you or upon what the Lord has confirmed within your spirit as you sought His heart? I, personally, am not against people speaking things over our lives and prophesying to us; however, I believe that we should do what the Word of God says and test the spirit, as well as, consult with the Lord about His plan and will for us. People have good intentions, but sometimes those intentions can be misconstrued and based upon what they want for us and provide us with a prophetic word based upon that.

Be leery of moving into those positions that people have anointed you to be in…especially if the Lord did not appoint you to be in the position. It may prosper, but only for a season because it may not be the will of God for you. Remember that what He has appointed for you, He has anointed you for it as well. When you are both appointed and anointed by God, then you will succeed and prosper in whatever it is you are doing!


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