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A Personal Moment…It’s Time to Go Deeper…

Yesterday did not begin how I would have liked it to have begun. I woke up with the intentions of starting my day with my personal time in the Word as usual and writing down what I felt like the Lord was speaking into my life. After I finished writing and searching the Scriptures, as I normally would do, I went to save what I had written and when I went back to ensure that I had dated it correctly…it was gone!!!

I searched for my thoughts and wherever I looked, I could not find what I had written. In a moment of confession, I immediately became angry. I sat down for a little while and I tried to remember what I had written, but whatever it was…it is now lost in the ages. I proceeded to read in my Bible again and asked the Holy Spirit to speak to me again. Nothing. Silence…

As I looked at the time, my spirit began to sing an old Andrae Crouch song, “We Need To Hear From You.” That was all. Nothing. Complete silence. I began to reflect over my life to see if there was any unforgiven sin. I purposely ask for forgiveness because I have become overly dependent upon God and need Him most desperately in my life…EVERYDAY!!! Still…complete silence.

Then I thought to myself and said that I can share how I am feeling at the moment. I have not had a moment of just “personal reflection” while writing to my family on here. So here goes…

I am not happy about losing the words to eternity. I am not happy because I have lost time that I will never get back. I am not happy because God has not said anything and His Word to me early in the morning is what helps me to make it through each day.

But as I am writing these words, I hear that ”still small voice” speak to my spirit and telling me, “It’s time to go deeper.” That is all it said. “It’s time to go deeper.”

You know what…I do not understand what this means completely. But I do know that it is a call to prepare myself for something that will require more of me. I do not know what lies ahead in the upcoming days…but whatever it is, I have to make sure that I am ready when God calls me to step forward…#‎thinkonthesethings



4 Comments on A Personal Moment…It’s Time to Go Deeper…

  1. I really like thus post…your boldness to be so open and truthful. It’s inspiring.

  2. The still small voice’s call to go deeper is in itself a great comfort and affirmation of your faith.

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