Pursuing God

seekingOne of the pursuits in life we should be more than passionate about is our pursuit of God. Our passion for both God and the things of God should consume us “…for the zeal of Thine (God’s) house hath eaten me up…” (Ps. 69:9). We should not only pursue God for the supernatural provision and limit Him in blessing us with our everyday natural provision. In other words, our pursuit of passion for God cannot be one-sided. If our pursuit of God becomes one-sided, then our lives will continue to be unbalanced and we will be greatly ineffective in advancing God’s Kingdom agenda and Its Gospel. Run after God with everything you have…and when He is found of you…continue to follow after Him wholeheartedly everyday thereafter. Remember…how you pursue God will determine how effective you will become in your pursuit of life…‪#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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