The Sabbath, Pt. 2

family-debt-freeThe sabbath day of rest is a source of contention among many groups. Some say we should observe the sabbath on Saturdays because it is the seventh day of the week, according to the Julian calendar. Others say we should observe it on Sundays because, under the new covenant, the believers observed it on the first day of the week. Within the contemporary culture, there are people who are required to work on both days…so when is it the appropriate time for them to observe the sabbath day of rest?

70__02082011__tunnelfistsAs a part of the law, the sabbath day of rest was observed as a sign to the people of God that their days under the former oppressive system were over. It was a day to be observed wherein humanity would be restored to God’s order within the cosmos (universal creation) as we were in the beginning. It is a sign of a new and fresh beginning…one filled with unlimited possibilities within God’s Kingdom…in freedom…under His government…thus, destroying the system which had oppressed His people for so long.

stock-footage-african-american-grandparents-enjoying-looking-photo-album-with-children-and-grandchildrenSo to answer the question, ‘When are the people to observe a sabbath day of rest whom have to engage in work on both normally observed days?,’ the answer would be…whatever day they are afforded to observe it. As we are under grace, we are no longer bound to either. God’s government does not allow us to neglect our responsibility of relationship to His creation, but it does free us from the oppression of man’s tradition without any condemnation…‪#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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8 thoughts on “The Sabbath, Pt. 2

  1. The Sabbath was created at the end of the week of creation.Genesis 2: 2, 3.- and it was a 24 hour rest. Evening to evening according to the Hebrew method of counting time, bases on what God said in Genesis 1

    The law came much later. The Sabbath command was included in the Ten Commandments.
    The seventh day of the week is the Sabbath. That’s when God rested and the day He sanctified.

    1. According to the author of Genesis, the “seventh day” was blessed and sanctified by God because it was the day when He rested from His work. The command to observe it did not come until much later when the Ten Commandments were given subsequent to the Exodus out of Egypt. The day of Sabbath observance is a debatable issue because what is not known which day is the “seventh day.” Prior to the Ten Commandments, no command had been recorded in relation to the observance of the Sabbath. Beyond the Book of Genesis, there is not another mention of the observance of the “seventh day” of rest.

      1. I have gigabytes of research on the first century AD which I needed for my book series. (Hold the Faith, Grow in Grace, and the next two coming up.) I just looked up a website on the Sabbath in the New Testament, I haven’t read it all, but it seems to say similar to what I already found. (I will put the link in at the end.)
        I would draw your attention to the number of times God corrected Israel and Judah for not keeping the Sabbath command. (24 hours in duration.)

      2. Ma’am…with all due respect, I am not arguing against the Sabbath being 24 hours in duration. I never said that. I also never mentioned anything about Israel and Judah as I am aware of this as well. I do not debate not argue about the Bible for It can stand on Its own. Have a nice evening😃

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