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Without God…

without GodLife in the wilderness…the experiences are often unimaginable. Life, as we know it, would be filled with chaos and disorder. It would cause our hearts to faint and lose hope. That sounds like what we are already experiencing at the present moment…right? But it is not…

The description above is a life wherein God appears to not be in control and His sovereignty is called into question. What we cannot see is that God is with us and is leading us as the “Pillar of Cloud by day” and the “Pillar of Fire by night” (Ex. 13:17-22). Without God directing our every step, we would be consumed by every obstacle and opposing force with which we are confronted along the way.

Hope-2-570x379and yet we still have hope…because God is still here with us…despite what we think we may see…

Without God, there would be no hope for any of us. We would never be able to see those moments of deliverance and salvation which cause us to gasp with relief and proclaim, “How Great Is Our God!”…‪#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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