Ready Or Not

spiritual-warfare_edited-1Every now and again, we are placed in the heat of the battle in order to prove our battle readiness. We have been groomed for this battle from the time we accepted Christ into our lives up until this moment. Whether we have been paying attention to the lessons that God has been teaching us will inevitably come to the forefront and we will be exposed. Our faith in God and our obedience to Him will be tested. This would be an appropriate place for us to reflect over our lives in order to ascertain whether we will stand strong or whether we will retreat.  My question is: How will you be positioned when you are called to move forward to the frontlines?…#‎thinkonthesethings

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6 thoughts on “Ready Or Not

  1. My husband and I have been ministering at the site of the tradegy in Cairns Qld Australia, since 19th Dec, where 8 children were murdered in their home. We were certainly thrown into the battle field on that day and have been on it ever since in a new level, ministering to a community engulfed in shock and grief. We can testify to the need to put on the whole amor of God every single day! Just as we dress in the physically, every day without fail, so we must to armor up daily! This has been the only way we have been Abel to stand against the forces of spiritual darkness that have been so evident around us in the past 2 months. Armor Up Christian!

      1. Thats so encouraging. Australia needs prayer (like all countries do of course). My prayers is that we will come out of our spiritual complacency an for our Aboriginal people who have been so repressed by white settlers….

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