Where Is God?

where is GodGod is not our servant, and neither should we treat Him as such.  How do we engage in this type of behavior? When we attempt to force God’s hand by placing ourselves into situations under the guise of exercising our faith. We are putting God to the test to see if He is going to respond to us in the manner of our choosing (Ex. 17: 1-7). However, when He does not, we tell ourselves and are told by others that it is due to our ‘lack of faith.’ Having a ‘lack of faith’ is one thing, but it allows us to fall into another trap of the enemy by placing the blame on God for something He was never a part of in the first place.

god-is-in-control_t_nvGod is the Sovereign Master over all of creation. He does not answer to anyone. He does not need permission from anyone. He does not bow down before anyone. He is the Supreme Beginning and Final Authority from Whom all power and authority finds their origin. So what makes us think that we, His creatures, has any influence over His decisions concerning His creation? We may ask, but if what we ask for is not in alignment with His will, purpose and plan for His creation, God is not under any obligation to respond to our vain requests.

Tread lightly…because continual engagement in this type of behavior breeds a price far greater than any of us may be willing to pay…#‎thinkonthesethings

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