Law and Order…and Love, Pt. 1

law and order and love 1In the beginning, God created a world that was filled with Divine order (Gen. 1 & 2). Then came sin (Gen. 3). With the entrance of sin into God’s creation (which had been pronounced ‘very good’ previously), God’s Divinely ordered creation had become filled with chaos. As we continue reading and studying throughout the Bible, we begin to notice that there is a continuous recurrence of a common theme…order is interrupted by chaos.

law and order and love 2One of God’s attributes is justice. He is often called “the Righteous Judge” throughout the Bible, and one of His roles in being a Just God is exacting justice and maintaining the order within a world gone awry. Therefore, God has provided us with various scenarios within the Bible which details the experiences of His people as they grow from being a nomadic people into a nation of millions (Ex. 1). With this transformation from being an oppressed people to newly liberated people comes the need for moral and ethical boundaries being established wherein order can be implemented and maintained within a community…thus, the implementation of the Law.

Tug of war

There was a two-fold purpose of the Law: 1) to teach us how to relate to both God and our community, and 2) to show us our need for a Savior.

Because of the sin element, we have the propensity to be selfishly motivated and predisposed to doing that which benefits our own interests without regard for the needs of those within our community. Without proper instruction in relating to others, we would exercise our freedom in ways which have the possibility of leading us back into a state of chaos…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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