Spiritual Superheroes?

superheroWhen God assigns certain tasks to us to complete, He knows that we will not be able to complete these tasks alone. Therefore, He has provided us with help from the onset in the form of our brothers and sisters within the Body of Christ. Some tasks are too great to be completed alone and require us to delegate certain portions to others who possess greater ability in certain areas that we do not. It does not diminish our ability in any way, but it helps to develop and enhance our ability to discern what may be the most appropriate course of action for the overall Christian community as a whole. In the end, we realize that what we have been asked to do is much greater than us…so we do not take it personally because someone else can also do what we are able to do…and can sometimes do it better! But we relish in the fact that God has chosen us to partake in something great for His Kingdom and has invited us to partner with Him, as well as others, to complete the task. No one should have to bear the burden alone (Gen. 2:18)…after all, we are not superheroes…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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