Covenant and Commandment

silk 25 ark of covenantThere is a distinct difference in being obedient to God’s commands and remaining in line with our covenant with Him (Ex. 19:3-8; 24:3-7). Obedience to God’s commands entails adherence to instructions that are provided by God through His Word and His human instruments which correspond with daily living within the community of faith. Keeping in covenant with God describes a mutual faithfulness to an established relationship wherein both parties agree to be exclusively committed one another without an allowance of eternal interference by another.

In relation to God, the covenant must be established first before the commandment can be given. Without the covenant being in place, neither party is obligated toward the other. Without the covenant being in place, there can be no expectations from one party of the other party. There is a Divine order in which things must take place and this Divine order is firmly sustained by a perpetual (continuously ongoing) decree established by God in the beginning. There can be no variation in this Divine order as it will turn order into chaos.

Boss shouting at employeeA person cannot make demands of someone with the expectations of adherence to those commands without there first being an established relationship and an understanding of that relationship by both parties. Adherence comes through an understood association between the command being given and the one who has the authority to expect and enforce adherence to the command in correspondence to the relationship between the two parties. Violation of the command will result in the issuing of a penalty. The penalty can only be satisfied if the one being violated is appeased. In this case, the appeasement can only be done through the atoning work of Christ on the cross and our acceptance of Him as our Lord and Savior.

This is the nature of the relationship between God and His creation. This is the difference between being obedient to God’s commands and remaining in line with our covenant with Him…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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