A Holy Nation

1030praiseBeing a holy nation unto God is not centered upon what we do on Sundays while we are at the church with other believers (Ex. 19:5-8). Being a holy nation is predicated upon our lives within the community once all of the pomp and fanfare is said and done when we have left the comfort zones of the church. It is easy to live a life in adherence to what God commands when we are in the presence of other persons of like beliefs.

But what happens when we have to engage and interact with the rest of the world upon leaving the safety of the sanctuary?


Why should an unbeliever abandon his or her lifestyle for the Christian life when all they are able to see is a reflection of the world within the church instead of the image of Christ being developed continuously?

What we, as members of the Body of Christ, must remember is that the world can emulate what we do on Sundays while we are at our ‘worship services.’ But what the world cannot emulate is a true lifestyle of holiness. They cannot live a holy lifestyle because they do not have a relationship with God…but we do…or at least that is what we profess. Contrary to popular opinion, our daily lives should be an example of holy living in the presence of others in order for the world to see that there is a distinguishing mark between the lifestyles of ‘the real church’ and themselves…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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