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seven billion 2There are over seven billion people upon the face of the earth. Imagine having the responsibility of interacting with each one of them on an individual basis in a way that is unique and specific to them. Imagine having to respond simultaneously to the ones who actually make time to respond to your initial interaction? How is this possible?  On a human level, it is not possible even with all of the technological advancements that are in existence, including the ones being developed on a daily basis. Technology does not have the capacity to reach every part of the world. Major efforts are being made to resolve this, but there are so many undeveloped nations which lack the capacity to allocate the necessary financial resources to embark on such an enormous undertaking.


One amazing thing is that God has been communicating with people from varying cultures and backgrounds since the beginning of time without the need of any technological enhancements. Another amazing thing is that He is capable of speaking to each of us about our individual circumstances without experiencing any technological glitch or delay in signal transmission. God’s frequency is always crisp and can be heard with precision and clarity. If there is any scrambling in the transmission wherein the signal may be lost, it comes from our inability to receive His message due to the clutter of everyday life. It is enough to make us look introspectively to ascertain in which area of life is the malfunction is located.

prayerIn consideration of these things, take a moment to seek God about areas of concern within your life. Ask Him to assist you in removing all of the insignificant people and things that have obscured your ability to communicate effectively with your Heavenly Father. He is standing by to assist you with all of your concerns…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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