Understanding Law and Grace, Pt. 1

covenant-triangleThere is a common misunderstanding that the Old Testament was the covenant of the law and the New Testament is the covenant of grace. We view them as being periods of time that are separate from one another. What many of us fail to see is the spirit of grace operating during the dispensation of the law. The law, while showing us our imperfections and need for the salvific activity of the Eternal Godhead, was saturated through and through with the grace of God. How so? We see God’s interaction with the children of Israel from the Exodus into the Promised Land and until the dispersion among the nations of the world. When we seriously consider how God dealt with Israel, even the dispersion among the nations was an act of both God’s mercy and grace.


Truth be told, they had violated God’s law in every sense, and He still allowed them a brief period of history wherein they were allowed to reenter the state of slavery from which He had delivered them previously. Being that He is the Sovereign God, He could have chosen to completely withhold His grace from them as a whole and simply chosen another people. However, God, in His infinite grace and mercy, remembered His promise to their fathers (i.e., Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). As a result, He has preserved Himself a remnant, even until this day…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

…to be continued

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