Gifts and Callings, ‘Just A Thought’, Ep. 6


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4 thoughts on “Gifts and Callings, ‘Just A Thought’, Ep. 6

  1. Yeah…I liked this Sean…it was clearly a call to action if I may say. Challenging believers to get in place. Whether we walk in what He’s deposited in us or not, it doesn’t nullify that not only is it lying dormant in us, it’s what someone else needs👊

    1. Thanks, E! I’m trying to work on perfecting my gifts and calling. He keeps taking me higher and you know what the Word says, to whom much is given, much is required…don’t think I don’t see you making tracks…I see you too 😃

      1. Ehhh umm see what had happened was…

        Aight Motha is rusty ok?! Lol! These Timberlands were not made for walkin’ so I betta act like I know smh!

        Good stuff! Lookin forward to more!

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