Thy Kingdom Come…Thy Will Be Done…

silk 25 ark of covenantThe freedom that extends from upholding the law comes in the form of a return back to the original intentions of the Creator God. This freedom is the result of adherence to a set of laws that govern the activity of a person in relation to his or her interactions with those with whom contact is made throughout the course of a day. The freedom comes when there is peace and unity is demonstrated within a community, and a common purpose is understood. However, in order for the laws to work and be as effective as they are intended to be, they must also be inclusive of the Divine activity of the Creator as well.

government1The Creator designed the system (theocracy) which was intended to be demonstrative of how we would relate, not only to one another, but to Him as well. If the Essential Party (the Creator) is removed from the equation, then the system will fail and continue to fail until the most Significant Component (the Creator) is returned to His rightful place within the system. In other words, life, families, communities, regions, governments and countries…the world itself will not function right until God, the Creator and His theocracy (His Kingdom and governmental rule) is returned to Their rightful place within the system that He originally designed.

Jeremiah 29-11Once God is returned to His rightful place, then we will experience true freedom. It all begins individually within each of us. Then, and only then, will it work its way through the surrounding cultures until God’s Kingdom comes and His will is being done on earth as it is in Heaven…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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12 thoughts on “Thy Kingdom Come…Thy Will Be Done…

      1. Yep! But in the end it won’t satisfy us… and as long as we don’t understand that the problem is that we blame others we won’t find out why it doesn’t satisfy us…

      2. It’s true! I live hearing the different perspectives of others. I believe that is what helps us to grow as individuals and collectively.

      3. Absolutely. Different perspectives are widening our horizon and show the same things or happenings from different sides. That’s why I say that we are not competitors but angels of mutual growth.

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