Random Question #3

618tacc_questionsimageWhy is it so difficult for us to reciprocate faithfulness to God?…#‎thinkonthesethings

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8 thoughts on “Random Question #3

  1. By that, do you mean give back to God, be steadfast in faithfulness to God?

    I am so in the flesh sometimes, with all I “need” and want, with my agenda, with my excusing myself by “I’m only human…”

    I wonder if that’s why I cry every time we sing, “Great is thy faithfulness.”

  2. My first thought: Because we think we are soooo much smarter…. Second thought: We are not trusting because in our opinion God doesn’t act fast enough and not effective enought. Because we don’t understand the greater context.

      1. Perhaps when we find it difficult to reciprocate faithfulness to God, it could be that we find it difficult to live it, mirror it or reflect it in our own daily lives. I mean if we can’t be faithful to our brethren, our friends, family, spouses, the poor and the like that we can see, hear, feel and touch with our natural eyes and faculties; If we can’t love our neighbors as we love ourselves, how then can we be faithful to God (who is spirit) and who can only be felt or heard in and by our spirit or through His Word?

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