The Importance of Quality


Quantity does not impress God. The only numerical value that God is interested in as it relates to us is found in the simplest of terms: ALL…God wants us to give Him ALL of us in exchange for the giving of His ALL to us in the form of His Son, Jesus Christ. What God wants from us, instead of bits and pieces, is for us to give Him our best in ALL that we do. So the focus shifts from quantity and how much we can give to Him to quality and what kind we give to Him.

When someone enters into some form of relationship with another person, it is expected that if they do not think any less of the their relational partner than to give the partner the best in quality, then they have every right to expect the same in return. However, oftentimes, when we approach God in what we call ‘worship,’ we fall short of giving Him our best efforts. This is not exclusive to what takes place on Sunday morning during the weekly fellowship, but in terms of everyday living. We must consider that God did not just give us His Best for Sunday morning service, but He has given us His Best for everyday leading into eternity.


When we feel our best is not enough…guess what? Our best is all God requires from us because He knows what we are capable of doing and He knows that our best is all we have to give. Knowing that we have given our best leads us into the realm of having to trust God to be there for us to make up the difference in the areas in which we lack.

So do not withhold from God the very least we can give to Him and that is the giving of our best in all we do with sincerity of heart…remember, the focus is not on how much (quantity) so much as it is on what kind (quality)…#‎thinkonthesethings

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4 thoughts on “The Importance of Quality

  1. So true. We can only give our best. Even this best is not every day the same. But if we make it an effort to give the best we can then it has to suffice. We cannot do more.

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