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Forgiveness, ‘Just A Thought’, Ep. 9


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12 Comments on Forgiveness, ‘Just A Thought’, Ep. 9

  1. Amen… “Gotta trust that God knows the situation better than you do!”

  2. Thank you for this, Sean. I just liked your Facebook page and shared this on my FB page. Many blessings to you and yours!

  3. Hi, Sean! This is a great topic. You’re right. Forgiveness is not easy, and it’s not magical (doesn’t erase the damage), especially when what was done changes your life negatively. For me, it’s a lifetime discipline (forgiveness).

    You have a wonderfully open, sincere manner in this video. Here’s a suggestion for whatever it’s worth. Either speak up louder or turn the opening and closing music/drums down. When I adjust the sound for them, your voice is like a whisper! I’m not hard of hearing. I just want to hear you–the word you have to bring to us today.

    Cheers! I pray this finds you well.

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