Misconceptions Of The Church From Within, Pt. 3

Covenant (1)The word, testament, in the Greek language, comes from the word, Diatheke, and means testament or covenant. Within the text, it signifies the appointment of a solemn disposition or institution from God to man. In relation to Abraham, it is the declaration of God’s unconditional disposition to Abraham in regard to his future posterity (the Nation of Israel), in conjunction with the establishment of the new covenant through His own Son, Jesus the Christ. In order for the covenantal promises to be in full effect, the inheritance would be passed from generation to generation upon the death of the testator, who in this instance was Abraham.

will testatorThe word, testator, in the Greek language, comes from the word, Diatithemai, and means “to place separately, distribute, arrange, appoint anyone to a place.” Commonly, it means “to arrange and dispose of one’s goods by will and testament.” Abraham’s appointment as the testator of the covenant, which would later include his posterity, was ratified through his death wherein the promises made unto him regarding them would now take effect and were passed onto them as a part of their inheritance.

Tabernacle-GloryAs members of a covenant with God, the descendants of Abraham were always separated from the surrounding cultures through monotheistic religious practices. These practices were maintained through their entrance into and exodus out from Egypt (Gen. 25 – Ex. 12:37-14:31). While on the passage from Egypt into the Promised Land, the Nation of Israel encountered various cultures which exposed them to an even greater amount of temptation by which they could have been influenced into rejecting the religious practices of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. Within the confines of the wilderness experience, God provided Moses with the details for implementing worship practices within the Nation of Israel (Ex. 19-31)…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

to be continued

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