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God with usWhen we reflect on the Word wherein It teaches us about the order of God’s creative work and the order of the creative work of the Nation of Israel in the making of the Tabernacle in the wilderness, we can take notice that God’s emphasis is on the process of the creative work and not the finished product itself (Gen. 1; Ex. 25-31, 35-39). The purpose of this emphatic disclosure is to show the surrounding culture and future generations that the order of one’s worship is to be governed by a central focus upon being obedient to the commandments of God in the daily activities of life. It speaks to the initial God-ordained plan for the Divine-human interactive relationship which was to be continued in everyday life and not only when an individual attends the formal ceremonies conducted at the Tabernacle. For example, when the Psalmist declares in Psalm 22:3,

“But Thou art holy, O Thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel,”

he is speaking of God’s continual presence in the lives of those who have subscribed to living in continued obedience according to the principles of the government of God’s Kingdom based solely upon His praiseworthiness, and not because of any goodness of the people, nor because of any coercive act of God that forces the people to do so.

The-Message-of-the-Tabernacle_artTherefore, each portion of the building and creation of the contents of the Tabernacle were demonstrative of how the elements of creation function in their Divinely-ordained roles within the natural sphere. This process is unique to each individual’s personal life and debunks the ideology which denies the fact that God is still involved in the everyday processes of human life and He has not taken a step back to leave us to our own devices. The continuous documentation of the Divine-human interactive relationship within the creative processes as documented within the Bible and throughout other extra-Biblical and historical data demonstrates that God takes a personal interest in every intricate detail of our lives…and He is still with us!…#‎thinkonthesethings

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