The Mediator, Pt. 1

Exodus-3-the-burning-bushThe role of Christ as Mediator of the New Covenant is foreseen in the role of Moses in the Old Testament (Ex. 32:7-14). As God informs Moses of the apostasy taking place within camp upon Aaron’s lack of leadership and direction, God also informs Moses of His intention to destroy the entire community. God places the responsibility upon the entire community because it appears that the entire community is equally responsible for participating in the act of worshiping the golden calf. Moses begins to intercede on the community’s behalf by reminding God of the testimony this would provide for their enemies and of His covenantal promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.

golden-calf (1)After this round of intercession, God turns away from His thoughts of completely obliterating the Nation of Israel, but He does not absolve them of the act without a demonstration of His holy and righteous nature. Sin violates the commandments of God, and therefore, God’s justice must be exacted. Upon his arrival to camp, Moses observed the apostasy as mentioned by God and destroyed the tablets which contained the Ten Commandments upon them. This represented a breach by the people of the previous promises made by the people to walk in obedience to the commandments of God.

moses and levitesMoses destroys the idol and demands accountability from Aaron, who shifts the blame to the demands of the people. Moses, then, makes a call for allegiance to God. From the text itself, we are led to believe that some of the people were still engaging in acts related to the initial worship of the idol. The Levites responded to the call, and, as a result, were awarded the privilege of serving the Lord in the Tabernacle. 3,000 lives were consumed on that day, but it is also later revealed in verse 35 that the Lord sent a plague of which the amount of lives that had fallen was not disclosed. It may be safe to assume that those who participated in the idolatrous activities of the day were counted among them…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

…to be continued

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