The Jealousy of God

God's jealousyThe best explanation of God’s love for us is found in understanding the jealousy of God. God’s jealousy is not that of a capricious nature, but something that demonstrates the level of Divine commitment God has made to us in His covenant through His Son, Jesus. This level of commitment takes on another level of meaning for us to understand when we consider the origin of the word, jealous, as conveyed in the Word when used to describe God’s nature.

jealous-god-el-qanna-smallThe word, jealous, comes from the Hebrew word, qanna, which is the equivalent of another Hebrew word, qinah, from which the word, jealous, means “to have an ardent zeal for some quality or possession of another.” Qinah is the original form of the Hebrew word, qana, whose central meaning is “jealousy in a negative sense” and “zeal in a positive sense.” Therefore, when we speak of God’s jealousy, we are not speaking in terms of God demonstrating negative behavior as jealousy in human beings denotes a level of envy. God is not envious of anyone. However, when we speak of the jealousy of God, we are referring to “an ardent zeal which is reflective of His ardent love for us.”

how_he_loves____by_dreamer4193-d3h4ckk-700x360What does this mean for us? It means that God is so passionate about us that every act of disobedience and reproach brings pain to His heart. It means that God is so committed to us that He provides a Way for us to return to Him even when we stray away from Him (as we often do). On the other hand, it also means that God will not tolerate our blatant disregard for Who He is and the role He should have in our lives. His jealousy (zeal) is directed toward us not because we deserve Him, but because He deserves nothing less than our undivided loyalty and allegiance because of Who He is and because of what He has done for us in Christ Jesus…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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