To Live Or Not To Live

 We have been given an opportunity to become a great asset to the Kingdom. Sometimes our lifestyles have a way of tarnishing the witness and testimony we carry. If our actual lifestyles do not parallel the lifestyles we profess, then others will take notice as well. It does not take a super-spiritual person to be able to observe the shortcomings of the professing believer. Oftentimes, they are able to identify the “glitch” before other believers. We tend to shortchange the unbeliever by not giving credit where credit is due. Many of the unbelieving population have a better idea of who the Bible says we are to be than the actual believing Body of Christ can claim to possess. This is a problem.


How do we resolve this long-standing problem? Is this because we have forgotten what it means to be Christ-like? Have we no understanding of who we are supposed to be in the eyes of humanity and before the eyes of God? Reproach is the word that comes to mind when considering that we know how to do better, but we choose to do otherwise. When we speak and respond, even when we think, we must ask ourselves whether we are emulating Christ before an unbelieving world. If not, maybe we need to reboot and return to the beginning again after assessing ourselves.


Kingdom living requires a separation away from the former things. It does not happen overnight, but if it is indeed a desire, then God will provide us with the grace we need in order to assure that we attain the goal…#‎thinkonthesethings‬