Life From God’s Perspective


Seasons change…and with those seasonal changes come a new opportunity to view life from God’s perspective. Within those seasonal changes, old relationships phase out and new ones are filtered in. All because of a change in our perspective. Sin has cause us to see life through a shattered lens, and as a result, nothing is ever the way we perceive it. Sin has caused our perception to become twisted to the point wherein we are no longer able to see things the way God sees them. When we no longer are able to view life through God’s eyes, we are destined for danger.

 When we view things from God’s perspective, we are able to approach life with confidence in knowing that the roads ahead are safe because He would never lead us into a dangerous place. Our vision would allow us to be bold. We are able to take on the challenges of the day and walk away in victory…all because we were able to see things from God’s vantage point.

Provision…Protection…Providence…We do not have to look very far because God is nigh unto us. Even in the midst of all of life’s changes…God will always be there…Seasons change…God never does…People come and go…God will be there until the very end…

In the end, temporary people and things do not matter because God will always have the final say in the matters of our lives. Although they have the ability to influence some things and events in our lives, they do not have the ability to influence the overall outcome of it all…#‎thinkonthesethings‬