Moving Forward


In this post, I will be sharing a little bit of where I am at this juncture in life. Since beginning to post these little reflections, first on Facebook, and now here on our website, the content that has been posted stemmed from my personal devotions from the Books of Genesis and Exodus. Imagine that! Almost one complete year to go through two books and I am quite certain that I never really scratched the surface of what can be found within those writings. Having concluded with the book of Exodus today, I will be moving forward into the Book of Leviticus and will be there for however long it takes to complete it. One thing I have learned in these studies (or should I say relearned) is that you cannot rush the process. Everything has its own set time and will move according to that set time, regardless of how much we attempt and fail to coerce it to move at a faster pace. We have to learn how to relinquish our desire to control certain aspects of life of which we were never meant to control. Having said that, I welcome you to continue moving forward with me in my journey of studying the Word and growing in my passion for God…#thinkonthesethings


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