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10 Things I Love / Hate (Thanks e…lol !!!)

So I was nominated by my good friend, e, to participate in this challenge wherein I have to list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate. This should be easy…here goes…

10 Things I Love…

  1. I love God
  2. I love my family
  3. I love music
  4. I love reading
  5. I love writing
  6. I love coffee (even though I lost a bet and can no longer drink it😢)
  7. I love the beach
  8. I love cookies
  9. I love coffee (I think I said this already)
  10. I love how e suckered me into this challenge

10 Things I Hate…

  1. I hate not being able to drink coffee anymore 
  2. I hate not living close to a REAL beach anymore
  3. I hate dealing with nosy people
  4. I hate hearing about parents not knowing how to deal with their children
  5. I hate to see unhappy babies
  6. I hate bad singing
  7. I hate bad music
  8. I hate bad food
  9. I hate bad movies
  10. I hate bad books

And an extra I hate…

I hate hate…

So there you have it…10 and 10


25 Comments on 10 Things I Love / Hate (Thanks e…lol !!!)

  1. Oh this is good stuff right here smh!!

    Whew LAWD (rubbing my hands together with an angelic smile)…😇

    • Lol

      • Motha wants to START with #6!
        (Taps Mic, clears throat, adjusts wig)

        Now uh we all know that six is the number of man..

        Aaashaaaa…see…The number of mand (Greek for man) has exposed the ebb and flow of coffee addiction coupled with the need a rah to be a rah a bettin mand going thru a rah withdrawal!!!!

        (Drops mic, wig shifts)

      • Why you had to start there?!? LOL!!!

      • Round 2…

      • Lol

      • Motha needs to know why everything that happens at 3pm Family & Friends Day service is 4-8 on the Hate list😳

      • We had Friends and Family Day too…minus some of the stuff on the list…for some reason people think it’s ok to sing off key and make the face when they do it

      • Lol I’m all for making a joyful noise but bad singing is a distraction! It’s partially OUR fault for not making room for people to shine where they THRIVE! So instead of celebrating their uniqueness…WE make them think the only thing they can do in the BODY is sing in the choir, preach, or usher👀

        (Drops Mic. Yanks off wig and reveals LOCS)

      • 😂😂😂don’t you drop that mic!

      • I shall drop it and tell them no need to a 3rd offering to fix it😜

      • lol

      • Trying to listen to your husband’s album

      • Aww say word?! THANK YOU MUCH Sean, let me know what you think!

      • I’m feeling it…love the Jazz vibe

      • So good to hear Sean! Thank you for your SUPPORT!!!!

      • No doubt!!!

      • You know Brotha Man is going on my playlist!!! My track is ‘Peace.’

      • Great pick! MERGE is hard to classify because there’s not one genre on there! I told him it should be classified as a “soundtrack because it’s the score of his life” lol! I was so serious but that didn’t fly.

        He wrote it and the guy on lead vocals is Estée Bullock. He wrote Hezekiah Walker’s Souled Out. On synth is Smurf (Johnny Smith) whose played keys for several artists. BOTH
        humble, married family men who love GOD

      • Exactly! Please let him know that I REALLY am feeling it!

      • Told him Sean! He was so grateful that you even checked it out!!!!

        Thank you☺️☺️☺️

      • That’s how we do! 😉

  2. Good points, Sean! Also the extra hate!

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