God’s Counsel

We have so many options available to us in our lives that decisions are often difficult to make. For this reason, we must continuously seek God for wisdom to avoid making the wrong decisions and end up with a lifetime filled with regrets. God’s counsel is foolproof…even the youngest of children are able to benefit from activating their faith and implementing it…#‎thinkonthesethings‬


17 thoughts on “God’s Counsel

  1. Hey Sean!

    I love that you mentioned children in this! Our worship Pastor once said it’s important to remember that “your children don’t have a junior Holy Spirit..” Yes the same God that’s big in us is BIG in them!


    1. Yes! They can have an experience with God of their very own as well! WE limit their experience by forgetting that we serve an Awesome God Who is well capable of communicating with the babies too! 😃

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