Where Is The Church?

Where is the church? When we look at everything that is happening around us, we must ask ourselves this seemingly simple, but yet so complex question. Some of the issues and concerns which have arisen over the years and have called for a response have been met with dead silence. When someone within the Christian community dares to raise the standard and stand for what is right, they are met with opposition…many times from within the church. What has happened? Have we become so complacent and comfortable with our selective few that we have forgotten that the purpose of the church was to continue the work which Christ began?

It is bad enough that people outside of the Christian community do not feel comfortable enough to come to the church for resolution to life’s problems, but there are many people within the Christian community who are suffering in silence because they cannot trust the “brothers and sisters in Christ” enough to disclose their struggles. They fear to speak because many of the things from they suffer are topics that are considered to be taboo within the Body of Christ and the subjects will not be mentioned often. When the topics are discussed, they are addressed in such a spirit of disdain that the suffering person fears being excommunicated instead of receiving the grace, mercy and love which should be extended to them through us from the heart of God.

Some within the Body of Christ are attempting to deal with the critical issues of the day, but they need our help. They cannot effect the necessary changes within society without the collective whole. If we do not begin to address these contemporary concerns as they arise, people are going to continue to turn to what is familiar to them and, as a result, continue to walk on a downward spiral toward self-destruction. So my question is…WILL THE REAL CHURCH PLEASE STAND UP?!?!…#‎thinkonthesethings‬