He Thought He Had Me

stand-firmOne thing about being in leadership…you have to be prepared to endure the tests that come subsequent to you releasing the word that God has given you for His people. We definitely can never forget that we are not exempt from the test…especially if we expect to ascend to the next level of relationship with God. We may be dealt a death blow from the enemy, but we will never be down for the entire count. Why? Because the Word of God teaches us that we have the Greater One living on the inside of us (1 Jn 4:4)! While I am posting this as a reminder to all of my brothers and sisters throughout the world who are enduring some form of struggle, I am also writing this to encourage my own soul!

The beautiful thing about the Word of God is that once It begins to penetrate through the dark shadows cast upon our souls in an effort to turn us aside, It begins to apply the healing balm to the wounds that we have incurred during the process. One thing is certain, we will never exit a battle looking the same way we entered it! We always come out much stronger and wiser! We come out with the strength to continue running the race that is set before us! We come out with the zeal and desire to walk and live as more than a conqueror! Another thing is certain…the devil cannot keep a soldier of the cross down for long because of the life of Christ that lives within! Since Jesus arose…we have the power within to arise as well!

So even in the midst of the storm, we can lie down in peace knowing that He Who stilled the raging sea is still more than capable of calming the storms within our lives as well!…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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  1. “One thing is certain, we will never exit a battle looking the same way we entered it!”

    Someone’s on fiya….lovin’ it

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