Experiencing The Presence And Glory Of God

show me your glory (1)How do we experience the manifest presence and glory of God within our lives on a daily basis? By doing as the Lord commands us to do. Obedience to God is a continuous subject that is communicated from the very beginning to the very ending of the inspired Word. It is the expected response from us that elicits a response to us from God. This is an act of fellowship. This is an act of communion. This is an act wherein there is intimate communication that results in an interchange or a sharing of thoughts or emotions between God and his creation.

This is worship. True worship occurs when one’s heart is right towards God and the things related to His Kingdom. It is the result of having the proper attitude and mindset towards God and what He expects from us in response to His Divine initiative. This is the result of understanding the nature of the relationship between the Creator and His creation. Worship is more than a lifting up of the hands or singing a beatifully written melody. Worship is a lifestyle which begins and ends with obedience to God.

When we learn to worship (or live a lifestyle that responds in obedience to God), we will begin to experience he manifest presence and glory of God within our lives…#‎thinkonthesethings‬