An Audience With The King

audience with the KingWhen you approach the throne room of God, what do you bring with you? If you were to be granted access to the  presence of an earthly king or queen, proper etitiquette demands that a token of respect being brought with you out of respect for the position in which the person holds. The question, then, becomes…why would we not extend the same courtesy, if not more, to the King of all creation?

We may ask ourselves, “What can we render to God? It all belongs to Him anyway.” Although this is true, the fact remains that we render an offering of ourselves and all that we have to God based solely upon the fact that He is worthy of it and deserves to receive our everything. Nothing we possess belongs to us. The Bible teaches us that,

“…the Kingdom is the Lord’s: and He is the governor among the nations…” (Ps. 22:28)


“…The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein…” (Ps. 24:1).

Upon reading and considering these two passages of Scripture, how can we not extend to God the Royal courtesy to which He rightfully deserves? When we consider these verses, it should cause us to reconsider what we have offered unto Him. It is never the quantity of what we give, but the acceptability factor lies in the quality of our worship offering.

We can never come before the King of kings and Lord of lords empty-handed. When we give the very best of what we have to Him, in the right posture of heart, His response to us will be acceptability. Who would not want to gain an audience with the King of all that exists?…#‎thinkonthesethings‬