What Do We Gain From Our Worship Experience/Lifestyle?


There are several valuable things that we can glean from from gaining an understanding of our worship experience / lifestyle:

• Obedience is the bedrock of worship.

• Worship must be rendered in spirit and in truth with clean hands and a pure heart.

• Worship is a daily lifestyle.

• Our lives are worth more being offered to God than being kept as a personal possession.

• Our worship is rendered unto God out of devotion. It is not to be rendered out of obligation as a matter of or a sense of duty.

• When we place a price on a gift, the gift loses its value and the purpose of the gift, then, loses its meaning as a result.

• Our gifts allow us to gain access into the most tangible presence of God our King.

• When we offer our gifts to God, we move from a conceptualized ritual to a concrete worship experience that connects us with the unimaginable gift of God’s presence.

Although our worship lifestyle is lived unto God, we benefit greatly as we begin to realize that a sacrifice is not a mere giving up of something that is valuable to us, but giving to Someone Whose presence and relationship is valuable to us…#‎thinkonthesethings‬