Random Thoughts (…and then back to our regularly scheduled program)


My apologies for not posting anything this morning, but I am attempting to rest today. After several attempts to get jump-started, I have finally conceded to my body and mind telling me to rest. Although it may not seem like much work goes into writing these posts, but it actually is. Much prayer and preparation…I guess the reason behind it all is that I do not want to put anything out there that would damage the church, much less bring reproach upon the Lord and His Kingdom.

While I reflect upon all of life’s goings on…from the loss of lives in the church in South Carolina, to the public’s reaction about it…from attempting to remain objective about the officers of the law, to the public’s reaction to them…from the self-absorbed behaviors of those around us, to our reactions to them…from the lies of the politicians, to our reaction to them…from ISIS and their exploits, to our reaction to them…from the state of the economy and unemployment, to our reaction to them…from racism, to our reaction to it…there is so much going on in a world gone wrong…

The most effective weapon we have at our disposal (apart from the Word of God) is prayer. So maybe God is telling me that today should be a day of reflection and prayer…

So there you have it… #LoveGodLovePeople…#‎thinkonthesethings‬