Who Am I?

WhoAmI600One of the most important aspects of a worship lifestyle is when a person enters into the presence of the King, he or she realizes within that initial encounter with the Divine that they really do not know who they are. We go throughout our lives making plans and allowing ourselves to be identified by label of the profession in which we have chosen; but, our true identities lie within the Kingdom of God and are only revealed when we begin to live a true worshipful lifestyle in spirit and in truth. Make no mistake…confusion is left at the door when God begins to remove the blinders from our eyes that were placed there by the enemy (2 Cor. 4:4,6).

It is at this moment that we begin to depend upon God and His Word to guide us by the power of His Holy Spirit. We come before Him upon being stripped of all false pretenses and personal agendas…we come face to face with our true selves. We do not like what we see, but we realize that it was necessary for us to see ourselves as we really were in order for us to understand that it was never where God intended for us to be nor who He intended for us to become. It is at this point that we decide whether we will move forward with God or remain where we are currently.

After being exposed to the Inapproachable Light of God, we find the answer to the unending question that has plagued humanity since the beginning…”Who am I?” The changes that stem from this encounter are eternal. We become pricked within our souls and understand that there is indeed a need for change within. We understand that we continuously need the fire of the Holy Ghost to burn within or else the remaining elements of the sin nature would seek to overtake us and destroy us. We understand the need to continue to place our all upon the altar before God in order to remain in right standing with God.

The need to understand who we are in Christ can forever be resolved by continuing to approach the Inapproachable Light of God…through His Word…with assistance from His Holy Spirit…by the Blood of Jesus…the way has been made…all that remains is for us to continue on the journey that leads to our Promised Land…#‎thinkonthesethings‬