It’s Our Birthiversary!!!

I was reading someone’s blog today about it being their anniversary today and suddenly remembered that it was our “birthiversary” a couple of days ago on June 19th. Between preparing for this next chapter and transition of my life and becoming a little ill, I completely forgot about it. But we have been posting daily thoughts everyday for the past year and have learned so much during the process. We have gained so many new friends (hopefully lifelong)…We have endured many setbacks and, with the help of the Lord, we were able to overcome them all.

So this is our time to say, ‘Thank you!,” to everyone who has in one way or another helped to shape us into what we have become today. We have to push our way through to grow and become a more positive influence within the global community…with your help and that of the Lord…we are more than able!

God Bless!


18 thoughts on “It’s Our Birthiversary!!!

      1. Just found out that another one of our friends is also celebrating today! It seems that June is a wonderful month for birthing blogs…lol

  1. Congratulations! Coincidentally, I received a “Happy Anniversary” notice from WordPress today – it seems I started blogging exactly one year ago.

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