Holiness And Sin

holiness and sinImagine having to live with the guilt of your sin everyday throughout the year until the one day that has been appointed for purification. Imagine being considered as unacceptable by God and being “cut off” from among the very people who have been affected either directly or indirectly by your actions. Why would this occur? Because you have sinned and have defiled the sacred things of God and have made them profane before the world. How would you feel? Well…thank God for Jesus! We no longer have to wait to be restored to a life of holiness…our forgiveness happens instantaneously and our sin is forever washed away.

I understand that speaking about holiness and sin is not a very popular subject in a world culture that views God and His Inspired Word as irrelevant to the contemporary context. However, holiness is real and is more than a concept…it is a lifestyle. Sin is real and is more than a concept…it is destructive behavior that that destroys the lives of those who engage in it. One is a lifestyle that bring us into proximity to God’s presence. The other is a lifestyle that breaches our relationship with God and causes us to hide from God’s presence because the light of His presence exposes the sin within us.

Our drive for sin is natural and is fueled by our selfish nature. Our desire for holiness is fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within us after salvation. It would seem that we are under the influence of one or the other at every moment in life. One would think that being under the influence of another would greatly diminish our ability to make decisions; however, we are born into sin and are shapen by iniquity, but we choose to continue to exist by its dictates. Likewise, we are born into sin and shapen by iniquity, but we choose to change our ways and live a life of holiness subsequent to salvation by faith through Jesus Christ.

We choose to exist in sin or live a life of holiness. We cannot straddle the fence. There are no gray areas. There are no redos or do overs once we take our last breath. Once we leave this earth, we either live forever in the presence of our God, or we exist forever separated from Him. Do not be deceived…by not making a decision…you have made your decision!….#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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