The Indescribable Experience


The worship lifestyle allows us to experience certain aspects of a relationship with God that brings forth a heightened range of emotions. Although emotions are not the intended response illicted in worship, we cannot experience God without experiencing some form of emotions. The real danger comes when we attempt to manufacture an experience based upon a previous experience. We love the way we felt when the Spirit of the Living God moved upon us in an atmosphere that was charged with His presence. Yet, sometimes, we are not in the same spiritual place in order to experience God in that way again. Also, we need to understand that we cannot place God within a box and expect Him to move in the same manner as He manifested Himself previously. When we reach this place, we, sometimes, become disappointed because we have attempted re-create an experience that only God has the ability to create, and the results are less than desirable. Worse yet, we can also become so disillusioned with the achieving the same esctatic experience that we begin to go through the motions as we fail repeatedly to make the uncommon become common.

We cannot harness the holy and uncommon presence of the Omnipresent and Transcendent God in order to accommodate our finite and common need to control the elements of our environment. God cannot be manipulated and controlled by the emotional proclivities of His creation. God is sovereign over all aspects of His creation. He manifests Himself when He chooses to and in accordance to His will. Our responses to God’s initiative and Divine impulses should always extend from a lifestyle that has been cultivated through an ongoing relationship with Him wherein we accept what He allows. We embrace each moment in anticipation and expectancy as we grow to understand that every experience is not about us…but about God receiving the glory from his creation in response to what He has chosen to manifest to us.

When we truly embrace this fact, our worship lifestyle will never be ordinary and mundane again. Each experience will become sweeter and our focus will shift from ourselves in order to ensure that our worship becomes about the glory of the King instead…#‎thinkonthesethings‬


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