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Hi everyone! I’m just taking a break from this busy time of transition to jot down a few of my thoughts. One that crossed my mind as I began my little break was, “When did ‘our’ ministry become ‘our’ ministry?”, “When did the transfer of the ownership of ministry take place?”, and better yet…”Where was I when it took place?” I ask these questions as it would seem as though the members of the Body of Christ has planned and executed a coup de tat without God being aware of His own overthrow.

The last time I checked in the Word of God, the ministry gifts were given by Christ to the church for the building up and edification of the church (Eph. 4:7-16). In other words, it seems as though the intention was stewardship and somewhere along the line, we have claimed ownership. Could this be the reason behind the lack of ‘signs and wonders’ following those who profess to be followers of Christ (Mk. 16:17)? We, in and of our own ability, do not possess anything that we have not received from the hand of Lord, so how can we make so great a boast as to any ministry belonging to us?

The ministry gifts have been entrusted to us by God for the advancing of His Kingdom. Therefore, they belong to Him and He is the Sole Possessor of them alone. When we allow ourselves to become deceived into believing that any aspect of ministry belongs to us, and we fail to attribute the glory to Whom it truly belongs…we are certain to gain a lesson in humility (Prov. 16:18)…#‎thinkonthesethings‬


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  1. I like your thoughts! Don’t stop now. And do enjoy your break–which God has given you. If not ‘your’ ministry! I laughed when I read your first paragraph–especially the last line. I know it isn’t funny, but that’s why it makes such a good point.
    Blessings of Sabbath Rest to you, Sean!

    1. I appreciate you for your thoughts…trust me, this was completely random! I was finishing up some work and just started typing away…God alone knows why…lol

  2. I believe that God’s miracle happen around us all the time and we are too busy to take note of them. A lot of things that we take for granite are actually God working in our lives.

    Another reason that we do not see them lies in our perception of how God feels about us. The feelings that we sometimes have of our own unworthiness, cause us to feel like we do not deserve miracles to happen, therefore we do not expect them.

    What we do not allow into our own perception due to our own filters, we do not see. Our brain simply filters them out. We see them as coincidences or that they were miracles that were really meant for someone else.

    I see miracles everyday. Even here on WordPress we end up connecting with just the right people at just the right time. Think about how many people have blog on WordPress and how likely it is for you to end up connecting with just the right person that you needed to talk to,,,or that you ended up connecting with just the person that needed your particular giftings and your particular voice,

    Watch for the miracles as if you expect them to happen and you will see more of them. You will be surprised. In my experience, God speaks to us most often through other people. Somehow we feel blessed to be able to comfort another person.

    Or somehow this person ends up saying just the right thing to us, that comforts us or maybe gives an idea that we did not have before,,,,but the person may have had no idea that you needed those particular words at that particular time.

    God makes those words come out of that person’s mouth and opens our ears to hear. He even does this when we have lost some of the strength of our faith.

    He does not stop giving us words and encouragement, even when we feel unworthy and even when we are tired and losing the feeling that we can be helped at all. The fact that he still connects us even in our darkest hours, shows the great love He has for us.

    He feels that are worthy, even when we do not. Just like we feel that our own children are worthy of forgiveness and unconditional love…even when they do not feel worthy of our love.

    Annie <3

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