The Purpose Of Consecration


In contemporary times, words like, “consecration” and “holiness,” are used so often that, over time, they begin to become a part of everyday, ordinary language. But when consider what was meant and implied by Biblical authors, the essence of the context meant “a moving away from that which is common and profane unto that which has been set apart for God’s sacred use.” The people of old understood that, along with the use of these terms, came not only an attachment of a new nomenclature, but a genuine change in their everyday lifestyle. They understood that they could not say, “I am holy!,” without having begun to walk upon the path that leads to holiness. They understood that they could not live consecrated lives if they were still engaging in activities that were contrary to their outward profession.

The purpose of consecration is for us to return to a place wherein we become devoted to God wholeheartedly. By continuing to “straddle the fence,” we contaminate our vessels that have been devoted to the service of the Holy God. By polluting the sacred vessels and causing them to become common and profane again, we lose the abiding presence of the Holy God. In doing so, we lose the privilege of serving the Holy God and we continue to engage in the routine by going through the motions and deceiving ourselves into believing that everything is well when it is not well at all.

Taking a stand for living holy and consecrated lives will cause some to alienate us…but we are never alone. It will cause us to face some insurmountable obstacles…but we are more than conquerors. It will cause us to lose some things…but as a person who has become the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus, we will never be forsaken nor will we suffer from want.

Guard your anointing…remain faithful…choose the narrow path…#‎thinkonthesethings‬