The Importance Of Obedience In Worship


Consecration brings about a confirmation of two things:

1) God’s promise of His presence with us, and 2) His gracious acceptance of the ministry with which we have been graced by Him.

The end result is not intended to be present only within the lives of a few within the Body of Christ, but it is intended for the collective Body of Believers. It is intended to be demonstrative of how God initially intended to relate to His creation and for how His creation was intended to respond to His Divine Initiative. This entire process is held together in place by the very first principle and law of the universe: obedience. Every aspect of life within the consecrated and holy lifestyle of worship is predicated upon our ability to remain obedient to the command of God. Once we have consecrated ourselves for service unto God, it is our responsibility to ensure that we remain consecrated. The way in which we remain consecrated is to ensure that we are consistently obedient in following God’s Word and plan for our lives. The moment in which we become disobedient, chaos reenters into the sacred and consecrated cosmos and the process of consecration must occur again in order for the reality of the visible and manifested presence of God to return…#‎thinkonthesethings‬

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