Day Seventeen Of Consecration: Consecration Aligns Us With God’s Will For Life

Your-Will-Be-DoneAs people who are striving to live their lives in accordance with the will of their God, we understand holiness to be God’s standard for living. This standard is not relegated to our interaction with other humans only, but also is inclusive of how we interact with the rest of God’s creation as well. Holiness includes accepting moral and ethical responsibility for ensuring that peace and harmony exists between every part of creation. One purpose of holy living is to evoke covenantal fidelity within us that will lead us to responding to God’s call to action wherein everything exists in perfect peace and harmony and His creation is ultimately restored to being “very good” (Gen. 1:31).

We must have respect for all forms of life. This is inclusive of everything: all animate life and all inanimate life. As we are governed by our fallen nature, we have the propensity to consume all that fulfills our fleshly desires without regard to how it affects the rest of creation. In so doing, our actions have a tendency to thrust the rest of creation into chaos and disorder and seemingly perpetual turmoil.

Once we gain an understanding of this, we will begin to realize the importance of consecrating ourselves to the service of God. We will begin to understand the importance of having concern and compassion for all forms of life. We will begin to understand how living life from this perspective brings forth the perfect peace and harmony that can only be found when God’s Kingdom principles are implemented…may God’s Kingdom come…may God’s will be done…#thinkonthesethings

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