Day Nineteen Of Consecration: A Moment Of Self – Examination


Today is a day of self-examination. We should always be examining ourselves in order to ensure that our lives are aligned with God’s Word. However, during this period of consecration, as we approach the mid-point of the our consecration period, it is imperative to reflect on the life lessons that God has been teaching us. We need to reflect on our spiritual status in order to determine whether there has been any progression from who we were to who we have become, or whether we have remained the same.

Consecrating ourselves is not something to be taken lightly. It is a serious matter of the heart. Although we have predetermined a set period of time wherein we will be rededicating ourselves back to God, we need to at least see some fruit beginning to bud and spring forth from this journey. We need to KNOW that this endeavor has not been in vain. We need to KNOW that we have truly allowed God’s will to be done in our lives. We must have genuinely returned to our first love and our first works.

If not, we must return to the Potter’s wheel and allow God to either begin His work in our lives again, or to continue the work He has begun in us. Honesty and integrity are key components of the process. Regardless of what we may discover during our internal search, our subsequent obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit’s leading is of paramount importance. He will lead and guide us to the place we need to be at this juncture in our journey.

Remain focused…stay the course…God is not finished with any of us yet!…#thinkonthesethings