Day Twenty-Three Of Consecration: Absolute Dependence 

  Consecration brings forth humility. Once we have been broken, we begin to realize that there is nothing that we can do apart from the power of God. We realize the enormity of the frailty of our humanity. But, in these moments, we also realize how great is the God we serve.

  On yesterday, we discussed how our brokenness is necessary and allows us to draw closer to God. With each episode of brokenness that we experience, we have to have a period of healing wherein God repairs everything that has been broken. I speak this as I am preparing to have surgery on my right wrist/arm as a result of an injury from a fall I had taken over the weekend (there are so many messages in this alone). As stated yesterday, each time I am preparing for a major transition in my life, for some reason, I end up breaking something and needing to have surgery to correct the problem.

  There is a lesson to be learned from this. This is the point I believe that we all arrive at when God is trying to elevate us in every possible way. We pray for this relationship with Him, but we do not want to experience the pain from the process. We have to remember that we are called to “endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ” (2 Tim. 2:3). Sometimes, we allow life to distract us and throw us off of our course. But when we focus upon God, we understand that this is just a brief moment in the maturation process and that it all serves a greater purpose…if we can just believe in Him, submit to Him in absolute dependence and allow His will to be done in our lives…#thinkonthesethings


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