Let’s Talk About Sex…

Family-Therapy-672x351For some strange reason, discussing the topic of sex within the Body of Christ has always been taboo. Sex has been the dirty word within the Christian community for years as many have attempted to avoid the subject for various reasons. A question to ponder is: Has a refusal to discuss sex within Christianity been one of the main reasons that we are seeing so many people ‘fall from grace’ as a result of inappropriate sexual activity?

As a member of the Body of Christ, I feel compelled to discuss this because I truly believe that the day is coming wherein Jesus will be returning soon. I, as a member of the Body of Christ, feel compelled to discuss this topic because I, like many others, have fallen short in this area before. Am I writing this out of guilt? I answer by stating emphatically…NO! I have repented for my indiscretions and am daily entrusting my life to the care and protection of the Holy Spirit.

I am writing this because as I continue on my journey of consecration, I have felt a need to approach the subject with a sense of urgency as it is destroying a multitude of lives, individually and collectively. I must admit that this is not the first time this subject has been placed within my spirit…and for that I have had to repent and ask for forgiveness for not having writing about this previously.

Quite frankly, talking about sex is not really a matter for debate as the Bible teaches us that sex outside of the confines of the marital institution is not God’s plan for any of us. Are there Bible verses which speak on this? Yes. However, we have the propensity to pass over the subject matter in the Bible that has a tendency to make us uncomfortable, especially when it is in an area that we are not willing to give up. Sex…is one of those subjects.

I know this is a highly sensitive discussion…but I am willing to engage in dialogue with anyone who would like to discuss this further. I am not presenting myself as an expert on the conversation, but as a concerned member of the Body of Christ who wants to see the Body of Christ overcome this major obstacle to our progress in advancing the Kingdom of God…

Let me know your thoughts…#thinkonthesethings


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sex…

  1. I think Sunday morning sermons would be worth attending if they addressed issues with which people struggle. What good is rehashing doctrine when people are going home and struggling with sexual addiction. Let’s start releasing some captives, setting some prisoners free, holding people accountable, preaching things they need to heed. I’ve been talking to young people about sex – and sometimes their parent, too – and it amazes me how many still consider it, “the nasty”. God created it so it’s good. “They were naked and they felt no shame.” It’s the devil who corrupted it into something addictive and shameful. Come, Lord Jesus, restore the beauty and purity You intended.

    1. I think some ministers fear two things: 1) losing popularity, which becomes synonymous with losing money, and 2) becoming vulnerable because they would be exposed for having some of the same struggles. “I may help save some lost soul, but who would want to risk all of that?” seems to be the attitude of many.

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