Where’s The Love?


In the Body of Christ, we have differing perspectives on many things. Some related to our eternal salvation. Others…not so much…The major problem is that we tend to place a greater emphasis upon the things that have no direct effect upon our salvation and this can be a dangerous thing. Here’s why…

When there are new people visiting the worship services or have become new members within a congregation, how do we approach and engage them? Do we embrace them as they are and allow the Holy Spirit to direct them to their respective place(s) within the ministry? Or do we try to duplicate a clone of ourselves because we believe this is the one and only way for them to interact within the ministry? These are serious questions because it can mean one of a few things: 1) Either we are going to nurture the gifts and calling God has placed within them, 2) We are going to cause them to become frustrated to the point of leaving the ministry, or 3) We are going to make little images of ourselves since we have it all together (a hint of sarcasm with #3).

Our responsibility is to take what we see that God has placed within them and nurture it to the point of maturation. Too many people have come to the Body of Christ and have fallen through the cracks because we have our own criteria and standards that we want them to live up to and those rules have absolutely nothing to do with advancing the Kingdom agenda.

We must be careful because we will have to give an account for these actions. Jesus said,

“…But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea…” (Mt. 18:6; Mk. 9:42; Lk. 17:2).

If God has drawn them with lovingkindness, then we, as His children, should extend the same lovingkindness to them as well…#thinkonthesethings


4 thoughts on “Where’s The Love?

  1. ” Or do we try to duplicate a clone of ourselves because we believe this is the one and only way for them to interact within the ministry?”

    This is such an important point to consider. I understand the need for some degree of ‘standardization’ for order and administration, and even branding, but may I remember that it’s people first. Thanks for sharing what for me is a timely post.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We must always remember that it’s about the person first. When we lose sight of that, we have lost sight of the what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

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