What Would You Do If?…

Persecutedchurch2Here in America, we take many things for granted…our freedom, our voice, our ability to excel…and we live our lives as though these things are a right and we have done something to earn them. That is taking into consideration the collective whole of society. When we look at the Body of Christ, we find that we, also, take many things for granted…our freedom to worship, our voice to speak about God, our ability to excel in life…and we live our lives as though these things are a right and we have done something to earn them. If the truth be told, these things are not a right, but a privilege. A privilege that we take for granted because “things have always been done this way.

The moment these liberties are removed from within our reach, we begin to have pity-parties and throw temper tantrums in a momentary display of our true level of spiritual maturity. When we look at the events that are taking place in the world around us, our minds should become sobered by the fact that  living without these liberties is a way of life for millions on a daily basis. People are really giving their lives for the cause of Christ daily. People are really being ostracized by the family and society for the cause of Christ daily. People have elected to “take the way of the Lord’s despised few” without a moment’s hesitation.

Chrétien-égyptien-Etat-islamiqueThe Bible is being fulfilled before our eyes on a daily basis, and we are unable to discern the times we are living in because we are too consumed with battling each over trivial man-made doctrine, too consumed with building a legacy to forever cement our names in history, too consumed with amassing a great amount of wealth that we will leave behind after we go the way of the earth…and the list goes on. But what would you do if we were stripped of every religious privilege we now enjoy? What would you do if the day came wherein having to lay down your life for professing the name of Christ became commonplace?

We all would like to believe that we would stand just as strong and as sure of our eternal inheritance as those abroad who are currently living this reality. Once again, if truth be told, many of us would forsake Christ because we are Christians in name only, and not in daily lifestyle. We need to really take an assessment of where we are currently in our relationship with God and make all of the necessary adjustments while there is still time. Be certain, the day is coming in America wherein we will be experiencing the same persecution and, therefore, we must be prepared for it. Do not be caught sleeping…#thinkonthesethings


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