Learn To Discern

discernmentThis morning I was going to bypass writing anything based upon how I’m feeling in my body. Then I just sat down and realized that this is exactly what the enemy wants me to do. It’s not going to happen…so having said this…here we go!

God created us with internal sensors within our different body systems to detect any foreign factor that could potentially incapacitate us. When something sets off the alarms to alert us to danger that’s within proximity to us, we have to take immediate action or else we will suffer the consequences. Likewise, in our spiritual lives, God has created within us internal sensors to detect any foreign opponent that seeks to confine us to a level of spiritual impotence wherein we are completely ineffective in advancing the Kingdom agenda.

Learn to discern what it is the Spirit is saying to you…walk in obedience…and live in complete victory!!!…#thinkonthesethings


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