Position Yourself

battle ready stance 2Are we paying attention to the reminders that God reveals to us on a daily basis regarding His plan for our lives? Are we positioning ourselves to be ready to move when He calls us into action? Are we ensuring that we are deployable through daily preparation and training? What will happen when He calls us to the forefront? What will be our response when He calls us to the front lines? Will we be like the five wise virgins, or, will we be like the five foolish virgins (Mt. 25:1-13)? Will we be like those who were invited to the wedding banquet of the king’s son in Matthew 22:1-14? Being a part of God’s chosen generation, royal priesthood, holy nation, and peculiar people demands that we are constantly preparing to battle ready because we do not know the exact iming in which the Captain of our souls will call upon us for entry into His service. Will you be ready?…#thinkonthesethings


4 thoughts on “Position Yourself

  1. I don’t like this thought that just came to me, but here goes: Sometimes (often?) we’re called to ‘step up’ to the mop-up brigade! Am I ready for that? Not always….
    Thanks for the reminder that I must be ready. For anything. Anytime.

      1. Yeah. Not sure I’m thrilled about cleaning bathrooms duty (one of our assigned ‘college service’ duties from time to time). I never was thrilled about it in college and haven’t exactly changed my mind….

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